1 – High Performance and Quality

The application developed by TOYO Corporation can capture and directly stream to storage high volume traffic — even at a line rate 100Gbps — without incurring any packet loss. This allows TOYO Corporation the ability to offer packet capture systems, a 100Gbps packet capture appliance and an innovative 100Gbps packet capture portable, that were not possible to implement until now.

SYNESIS guarantees high performance capture regardless of packet size – whether short or long packets. Using disk optimization, SYNESIS captures at a higher capture speed than existing packet analyzers and in a more compact package. The result for our valued customers is a cost effective packet analyzer.

  • General packet analyzer
    Capturing properties using 64-bytes (short packet)

  • SYNESIS Distributed / Portable
    Capturing properties using 64-1518 bytes




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2 – Detection of microburst traffic

SYNESIS will detect occurrences of microbursts against user defined threshold values during capture sessions. Related packets may be saved to trace files for more detailed analysis.

Detection of microburst traffic

3 – Greatly reduces the extraction time of trace files (AANPM analysis)

SYNESIS incorporates the Application Aware Network Performance Method (AANPM) which can greatly reduce the time to detect and extract the target packet by saving a higher volume of information than current packet analyzers. This includes saving indexing information such as the IP address and ports concurrently during packet capture.